Peças feitas na máquina de tricotar, por medida com todos os acabamentos feitos à mão, que por vezes são ajudadas pelas agulhas de tricot ou de crochet...

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sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2012

Thanks Patrice!

My second (and definitely not last) Thank You post ~ hehehehe
I did not know I could add a translator to my blog - my friend Patrice told me so!

Not so long ago I joined a Facebook Group about Knitting Machine - I have been having a lot of fun and learned a lot with these new friends.

I sometimes wonder how did we lived without the internet and social networks in the not so distant past - nowadays if I need something I just google it, search for a while and I'm ready to go!

Well, I promise to post some more knitting stuff soon....

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